Mental Health Director

2880 N Pleasants Hwy, St Marys, WV 26170, USA

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About the Role

The mental health director will oversee a team of psychologists, therapists, and mental health technicians, while working closely with a medical team to provide care to patients with a vast array of mental health and medical needs. Working with PSIMED offers opportunities to provide a wide spectrum of mental health services and lead a team in a unique, collaborative, and professional environment.


Candidates must have a masters degree with administrative experience.  PSIMED offers opportunities for training in mental health and corrections with flexible work hours.   Salary is based on credential level and experience.

About the Company

PSIMED is hiring a Mental Health Director for the Saint Mary’s Correctional Center, a medium security men’s prison that houses offenders with a wide range of mental health needs, chronic illnesses, and dementia.