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Nurse Practitioner

Morgantown, WV, USA

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

Examines clients, performs psychological /psychiatric evaluations and assessments, and complies client medical data, including health history and results of physical examinations.
Administers or orders diagnostic tests and interprets tests for deviation from normal.
Makes determinations for and handles all documentation relating to client orders.
Completes and submits documentation as required by PSIMED INC. Private Insurances and other licensing agencies. Employee ensures that documentations are completed accurately and timely and will reflect services the client has received as appropriate.
Records or directs to have recorded clients’ vital signs, weights, measurement, intake and output, food consumption and other information as ordered.
Performs or directs to perform range of motion and reality orientation with clients.
Completes or arranges for completion of Prior Authorization for treatment and medications.
Administers or directs to have administered all medications as order by a physician.
Timely and accurately documents information into the records including recording progress notes.
Instructs and counsels clients regarding compliance with prescribed therapeutic regiments, normal growth and development, emotional problems of daily living and health maintenance.
Complies and implements or directs to have complied and implemented all physicians’ orders.
Provide pharmacological educational services for clients who are prescribed psychotropic and other types of medication.
Adheres to professional code of ethics in performing Nurse Practitioner services including PSIMED INC. Standards of Conduct and Compliance.
Promote appropriate community interactions by handling public interactions in a professional and competent manner. Returns telephone calls and requests for information in a timely manner, promotes a positive image of PSIMED INC. and maintains a good rapport with agency contacts.
Supports and helps in the training of new employees.



Ability to perform Essential Duties listed below.

Nurse Practitioner level license to practice in the state of West Virginia.

Possess Prescription Privileges. 

Knowledge of protocol, theories, principals of a Nurse Practitioner.

Ability to comply with Client’s Rights.

Ability to comply with PSIMED safety procedures.

Professional experience which indicates knowledge of mental health services, diagnosis and treatment of major mental disorders, and mental status techniques

About the Company

PSIMED is a behavioral health management company and has been providing high quality comprehensive mental health services since 1991.

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