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Louis L Wainwright Award

I have been asked to comment on what it means to me to receive the Wainwright Award. So here goes. Director Wainwright is a legend in corrections, while I am not. His three plus decades of service have been singularly outstanding while enhancing the Profession of Corrections. Any positive impact I may have had, is a direct result of my twenty-year affiliation with the PSIMED family and the true Professionals of Corrections. These are the Correctional Officers, Counselors, Teachers, Wardens and Administrators who have committed themselves to work with what many see as the least of our society. They do so bravely, even at the risk of their own lives and safety. These are the true heroes of our profession and must be so recognized.

Under the great altruistic leadership of Commissioner Jividen, coupled with the rock-hard support of Deputy Director Mike Coleman, along with the expert oversight by The Secretary of Military Affairs and Public Safety, West Virginia Corrections has met and exceeded its difficult but rewarding mission of taking on the most difficult jobs in the Criminal Justice System. You have done all this, while providing unparoled safety and security for our citizens' during these searing times.

Under the exceptional leadership of Mr. Terry Rusin, PSIMED, in close coordination with the West Virginia DOC, we have been able to garner the vast resources of the Federal Government to further impact most positively on Corrections in our State. I am particularly proud of the numerous programs brought online by the Veterans Administration for our incarcerated Veterans. A strong shout out must go to Ms. Jean O'Halloran at the Clarksburg VA Medical Center, who was a driving force in this endeavor along with our facilities administrators who did the heavy lifting to assure successful implementation. Our close relationship with The Correctional Leaders Association, CLA, puts us at the forefront of innovative programs, nationally. These initiatives reduce recidivism while further enhancing Public Safety.

None of the forgoing would have been possible without the unparalleled support of the DOC staff from top to bottom. Working with Ms. Susan Harding, Paul Simmons, and all the other fine DOC staff has been both an honor and a pleasure. In the same vein, I must express my heartfelt gratitude to our PSIMED team. Ms. Freddie Sizemore our Chief Financial Officer, Ms. Rita Pauley our Chief of Operations and Mrs. Kelly Sowards our Director of Communications, working together, they do it all for our organization. I have relied on your strength and warmed by your friendship. Thank You!


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