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MargaRita Pauley

Chief Operating Office of PSIMED Corrections, LLC

In 1999 she was promoted to Mental Health Director where she was responsible for mental health treatment at the correctional facility, as well as managing mental health transfers from other state correctional facilities, onto the mental health unit. In 2001, she advanced into the role of Regional Administrator and was responsible for staffing and program development within all West Virginia state correctional facilities. In 2007, Ms. Pauley was promoted to Vice President of Operations where she has been responsible for statewide staffing development, contractual services oversight management, human resource management, and overall delivery of mental health services within fifteen (15) correctional facilities and statewide community corrections sex offender and substance abuse services.

Educational background is inclusive of obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from West Virginia State University (1990), a Master of Arts in Counseling from Marshall University(1994) and a Master of Arts in Psychology with a concentration on Diagnosis and Intervention from Marshall University(1999). She was an adjunct professor for Marshall University in the Counseling Department from 2009-2011. Ms. Pauley is a board member for Mission West Virginia (2016-2018).


MargaRita Pauley
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