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We are a multi-disciplinary therapy service center committed to efficient psychological discovery


PSI Med Charleston WV


PSIMED CHARLESTON has been providing quality mental health services since 1991. Our team is comprised of psychiatrists, psychologists, and clinical therapists who work together to coordinate patient care. These comprehensive services are offered in one location for the convenience of our patients.

  • Clinical Evaluation – Our diagnosis is based upon DSM-IV-TR criteria
  • Family Counseling – Families are a system that require all components to function cooperatively and effectively.
  • Children’s Services – Full range of services for children and their families
  • Medication Management – We use well-studied medications and shown to be effective and considered the standard of care.
  • Addiction Counseling – Treatment of addictions and/or those family members impacted.
  • Group Therapy – One or more therapists treat a small group of patients together.
Charleston Approach


PSIMED MORGANTOWN is dedicated to providing an individual mental wellness experience. Our team is comprised of psychiatrist, clinical therapist and psychologist, making our office a one-stop-shop to address your particular needs.

  • Mental Health Evaluation – Involves patient reporting his or her current issues and concerns.
  • Medication Management – We follow best practice standards.
  • Vivitrol Evaluations – Vivitrol is a 28-day extended release injection that is FDA-approved.
  • Family Therapy – Providing therapy interventions that are evidenced-based practices

Putting the pieces together to achieve and maintain mental wellness.

Morgantown Advantage
PSIMed Morgantown WV
LiNKS West Virginia


LiNKS uses a multi-disciplinary team approach to help people with substance use disorders and behavioral addictions obtain and maintain sobriety and improve quality of life.

  • COUNSELING SERVICES – Drug Addiction Counseling : Tobacco Cessation : Family Intervention for Addiction : Individual and Group Counseling : Alcohol Addiction Counseling : Distance Counseling
  • MEDICATION ASSISTED RECOVERY – Suboxone and Vivtrol Programs : Intense Outpatient Addiction Program : Individualized Treatment Plans : Evidence Based Program Practices
  • COMPREHENSIVE MENTAL HEALTH – Individual therapy for Children & Adolescents : Individual therapy for Adults : Couples Counseling : Family therapy : Parent training : Behavior Management