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Who We Are and What We Do

PSIMED is divided into two different divisions: our Community/Outpatient Offices and PSIMED Corrections, LL which is our Corrections and Rehabilitation Services.


PSIMED Corrections, LLC

PSIMED Corrections, LLC  is a correctional-based behavioral and mental health provider that adheres to the  cognitive-behavioral treatment (CBT) model to help patients progress through the stages of change towards pro-social adaptive goals by addressing behavioral skills and rational thinking skills.  PSIMED’s treatment philosophy is rooted in the tradition of cognitive behavioral orientation with an emphasis on stabilizing and maximizing the quality of life for incarcerated individuals.  This philosophy allows PSIMED to work with the patient to build skills for self-management and recovery that will help the patient in their successful reentry to the community. Within this approach, PSIMED utilizes evidenced based treatments and best practices that are trauma informed and recognize the role of co-occurring substance use in mental health in order to provide treatment that meets and exceeds standards of professional practice. 


Our Community/ Out-Patient division is a team comprised of psychiatrists, psychologists, and clinical therapists who work together to coordinate patient care. Currently we have 3 locations throughout West Virginia. PSIMED Morgantown provides comprehensive mental health care, PSIMED Charleston focuses on providing high quality counseling and PSIMED South Ridge provides high quality psychiatric services.



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