PSIMED CORRECTIONS, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of PSIMED inc.  It provides mental health/psychiatric services for the West Virginia Division of Corrections, West Virginia Division of Juvenile Services and the West Virginia Regional Jail Authority. We have been providing services to the West Viginia Division of Corrections Since March 1996 and have been successful in meeting and exceeding the ACA and NCCHC mental health standards in WV Correction and Detention Facilities.


PSIMED is committed to utilizing best practices in an effective and cost efficient manner which meet and exceed accepted standards of professional practice. PSIMED offers a continuum of care with the goal of creating a safe, secure and humane environment for the staff and offenders.


PSIMED Clientele includes Adult Corrections, Juvenile Services and Regional Jail Authority for the State of West Virginia. Please click on a map at the bottom of page to see all of our service locations.

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