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Reentry Planning

PSIMED staff work closely with reentry coordinators at the facilities to help find placement and treatment for offenders on the mental health unit, the behavior health unit, the dementia unit, or upon request from the facility. Mental health staff can help facilitate appropriate treatment options and assist offenders with significant mental health concerns in establishing safe housing and making mental health appointments in the community.

LCCRJ Lavender Reentry Therapy Group: The Lavender group is a component of the Lavender farm reentry project based out of LCCRJ. The women on the lavender work crew participate in a mental health group that targets emotional regulation, self-esteem, communication, relationships, and life skills. The weekly groups are tailored to specific issues inmates may be facing, anxieties toward reentry, employment and family reunification. These group topics integrate gardening and the experiences the women have in the field

Parole Groups: PSIMED provides group and individual therapy for patients with sex related offenses to help continue their rehabilitation with the goal of reducing their risk of reoffending and integrating successfully back into their communities.

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