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Specialized Units

PSIMED has worked collaboratively with the West Virginia Division of Corrections to develop treatment units that provide more intensive treatment for patients who require more services than can be provided in nonresidential therapy or psychiatric care. These units represent a higher level of care with the goal of helping patients return to their previous living situation in a stable and safe manner.

Behavioral Health Units (BHU): A women’s specific and men’s specific behavior health unit help serve the needs of those patients whose behavior or mental health needs frequently their ability to function safely within the prison environment. . The goal of placement in the BHU is to assist patients in achieving their highest level of functioning by developing alternative coping skills that result in behavioral stability sufficient to safely live in their community. Programming is based on cognitive/behavioral, dialectical behavioral, motivational interviewing, and cognition enhancement treatment modalities that addresses mental health, behavioral, and substance issues. The BHU utilizes an integrated approach that involves the close collaboration of Mental Health professionals, Classification and Security professionals in the development and implementation of a comprehensive treatment plan.

Mental Health Unit at Mount Olive Correctional Complex: The purpose of the Mental Health Unit (MHU) is to serve as an acute psychiatric unit and sheltered housing for adult male patients with chronic severe mental illness. The goal of placement on the MHU is to stabilize and maximize functioning through psychiatric, psychological, and behavioral treatment of serious mental illness. The MHU combines cognitive skills training, psychiatric and behavioral treatment via individual and group therapy to create a milieu treatment setting based on the psychosocial rehabilitation model of recovery. The unit promotes personal recovery, successful living in the least restrictive environment, and satisfactory quality of life for offenders with serious mental illness

Dementia Unit at St. Mary’s Correctional Center: The dementia unit currently houses a combination of male patients with dementia and specially trained offender-orderlies who offer assistance with basic and independent activities of daily living and peer support. Treatment on the unit focuses on environmental accommodations to maximize independence in daily activities and encouragement in continued meaningful behavioral activation. Offender-orderlies provide peer support to maintain social connections, communication skills, and offer opportunities for memory engagement through reminiscing.

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