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You Can Do It- Telehealth

PSIMED Inc. has been providing TELEHEALTH for the past 2 months. The response from current clients as well as new clients has been very positive. Many folks did not know what to expect so I thought it may be helpful to explain to prospective clients how Telehealth works for therapy.

-Using your smartphone, computer, or ipad you download the Zoom app ( PSIMED Inc.uses ZOOM confidential business platform that is HIPPA compliant )

-Enter Zoom number given to you by the PSIMED staff person and select connect to video and audio.

-The therapist admits you into the confidential session.

You will be asked your current physical address.

In the initial session, privacy needs and expectations will be discussed as well as how to address any potential distractions, technical needs and the plan if either you or the therapist lose connection.

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