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Stresses Created by a Pandemic

For almost three months, the stresses created by the pandemic have challenged us to adapt to the unexpected and uncontrollable. We have been forced to make changes and adjust to an unseen threat to all aspects of our life. The professionals on the frontline of dealing with the COVID-19 virus have been stretched to their limits, but so have people in all spheres of life. Social and economic stressors have threatened our long-held sense of security. As we felt like we were about to start moving toward the “new normal” our world has been shaken by the harsh reminder of some of our deeply rooted human conflicts.

All of this can lead to emotional distress that interferes with the ability to cope as an individual in roles as a family member, parent, friend, coworker, or other roles. We look for answers and get nothing that seems to make sense. This can lead to a loss of perspective and then anxiety and depression. Even the strongest people may find themselves experiencing new feelings of discomfort. This is a time when professional input would be of benefit - gaining new perspectives, helping to stop negative and self-destructive thinking, finding new strengths and learning to thwart the negative impact of emotional distress – this will help avoid the fallout from maladaptive behaviors such as social isolation, substance abuse, etc.

Our clinical team at PSIMED is here to help.

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