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Exercising At Any Age

The gym that I attend called Rival Fitness received a grant to help make Harrison County Healthier. The owner Whitney decided that having a class just for the older people in the group would be helpful for these ladies, (and men even though none of them come) to reach their health goals. The class created is called Sit & Sweat. My friend Audrey and I teach this class on Tuesdays and Thursday afternoons. There is strength and cardio offered. The attendees can choose to sit, or stand depending on their fitness level, or restrictions they may have. They have the options of no weights, resistance bands, dumbbells (ranging from 3lbs to 8lbs, and even ankle weights (ranging from 1lb to 5lbs). The ladies have a great time; they laugh, exercise and work up a good sweat. The class started out as just one day a week on Thursday, but they requested an additional day, so when Whitney asked if I would be willing to do another class, I couldn’t say no. This class not only helps them stay active but keeps me active even when I don’t feel like being active. Regardless of your age, fitness level, or any injuries or restrictions you might have, there is always a way to keep moving and better your health, and this class is proof of that. We currently have ladies ranging from the age of 55 to 82. The ladies in this class make me feel like I have another purpose in life, and it is a lot of fun!


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