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The Blood Drive by Amor Up WV


The Community of Lt Aaron Acree stepped up and donated 102 units of blood!!!! Actually, the TOTAL isn’t in yet, BUT the 102nd blood donor was Heath Acree!!!! How fitting that a beloved family member was our 102!!!! Not a dry eye here.

This Blood Drive was in honor of our Lt Aaron Acree of Summersville PD. We lost Aaron to suicide, but that takes nothing away from the amazing, loving, wonderful man, friend, Officer, father, and son that he was. We wanted to honor him and remember him in a way that he lived, by serving and saving others.

Our goal was 102 blood donors because 102 was Aaron’s unit number. Aaron’s community came out in mass numbers and we hit blood donor 102 with one of Aaron’s beloved family members, Heath Acree. It was not planned that way. But it was the biggest blessing anyone could’ve asked for. There was not a dry eye to be found!

In memory of Lt Aaron Acree well over 102 lives will be saved.

After The Event...

Yesterday we received an anonymous donation for $102 which was Lt Aaron Acree’s unit number. It was in memory of Lt Aaron Acree who we lost to suicide two years ago.....although it still feels like yesterday.

Today, we stepped back to emotionally process. Those of us in therapy for our PTSD have learned to stop and regroup when we feel our emotions and anxiety getting high. So we regrouped today.

This evening, we logged back on to find ANOTHER donation of $102 in memory of Lt Aaron Acree. Another $102 to help another first responder get to inpatient treatment or help with counseling costs. $102 to make sure another family doesn’t feel the pain that the Acree family lives with.

To our two anonymous donors, THANK YOU. Thank you for honoring Aaron’s memory AND saving a life behind the scenes in his memory. We may not be able to post about the people we help due to confidentiality, BUT rest assured that good men and women are still home with their families and even still working because of YOUR generous donations.


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