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Yellow Roses. Flowers of Time.

My grandmother loved her yellow roses. She would always say “If you can’t give me flowers when I’m alive, I don’t want them when I die”.

During one of my visits, I took her a dozen yellow roses. She smelled them and told me how pretty they were. Then we started talking about flowers. Mama said, “The most special flowers, are flowers of time that people share with me“.

It’s the special moments that mama cared about. Like making holiday candy, sitting with her on the porch glider watching the kids play in the street, going to dinner on Saturday nights with her sisters and nieces, doing crafts… Spending time with people she loved.

Everyone is busy running around, life happens. But I just wanted you to think about all the special people in your life. Think about the really special people that matter to you. Then think about the flowers of time that you share with them. These are the flowers that matter. Live life. Embrace it. Do not be afraid to build and nurture relationships.

In life, that is what matters most and that is how my mama lived her life.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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