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Staying Sane During the Holiday Season

Staying sane during the holiday season!

The holiday season can trigger warm memories, provide a season of fun activities allow for fellowship with our families and friends, and give us an opportunity to reach out to others in kindness. While this is a season intended for joy and merriment it is also one of the most stressful because while we are adding all extras to our days and nights our daily responsibilities continue on as well.

Consider these suggestions for keeping yourself mentally and emotionally bright during the holiday season:

  1. Use a calendar to keep track of events is a given –however also use it as a visual guide to determine if you need to limit your activities to a reasonable number.

  2. Choose to stick to a sleep schedule

  3. Decide what events are most important to you ---not what you believe others expect of you

  4. Give yourself the gift of unstructured time

  5. Have an attitude of gratitude—focus on what you are grateful for

  6. Give yourself a gift—read a book, go to a movie, take a nap,

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