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Building Bridges of Respect

Recently PSIMED Morgantown was invited to participate in an event, Building Bridges of Respect, sponsored by: Communities of Shalom, Prevention Coalition, PARTnerships Youth Coalition, West Virginia Prevention Solutions, LIFE United Methodist Church, Fairmont Human Rights Commission, Stepping Stone, Inc., and Greater Fairmont Council of Churches to celebrate diversity, inclusivity and representation in Marion County! So many different agencies within the surrounding counties were there Saturday to promote the services they provide, make connections with the public, and to make connections with each other. I was honored to attend my first event as a representative of PSIMED Morgantown, and alongside Bree and Brenda we were able to inform people about what PSIMED offers for mental health and well-being. We handed out business cards, PSIMED swag, and played a giant life-sized game of connect four with anyone who came to our table, which was a HUGE HIT. Best of all we had a chance to make connections with, and collect information about so many other agencies available in the area that we can use as resources for our clients. Although it was a HOT day, it was a very cool experience.


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