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Congratulations Nicholas Hun

Nicholas Hun has been a part of the PSIMED team for many years. He has served this country and the State of West Virginia beyond the call of duty. We are honored to have him as a teammate in serving the state of West Virginia.

On December 17th 2020 Nicholas Hun received the Louis L Wainwright Award. In 2004, the Louie Wainwright Award was created to recognize outstanding contributions to Corrections by a CLA Associate who has exemplified the professional standards espoused by Mr. Wainwright- CLA

“Nick served his (our) country in the United States Army for 30 years rising to the rank of Colonel. He proudly served in Special forces, military intelligence, aviation, military police and military corrections. Colonel Hun was assigned overseas for five tours and three combat tours. I will not list his awards and decorations or his specialized training as you can review those on the attached resume. Nick was appointed Commissioner of the West Virginia Division of Corrections in 1992 and served until 1997. He modernized the department, implemented numerous training curriculums and professionalism to line and management staff.” Larry Fields (previous recipient)


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